How It Works

Custom Fish

An original watercolor painting of a fish you caught, at actual size, is how Sketch and Release started and is the most popular artwork for obvious reasons. Send a photograph or description of the fish you caught and Josi will create an original watercolor painting at actual size. Any additional information you can provide about your fish is helpful (though not necessary):

  • Species
  • Length / Weight
  • Location

Upon request, Josi can also paint additional inset artwork associated with the catch:

  • Fly the fish was caught on
  • Reel and/or Rod
  • Landscape of the location it was caught (inset image)
  • Portrait of the fisherman

Prototype Fish

There are few things in the world as beautiful as fish, and many customers commision an original painting of their favorite species. Common examples of prototype fish are those anglers and naturalists are Brook Trout, Atlantic Salmon, and Steelhead.