About Josi


A lifelong artist, Josi has studied and practiced painting in Germany, Africa, and the United States for over 25 years. Her passion for expressing the beauty and mystery of the world through art is captured in the her paintings.



The beauty of fish and water have been central to Josi's work long before she picked up a fly rod. Taking up fly fishing 15 years ago was a natural extension to her love of water and the life that surrounds it, and ultimately created Sketch and Release.



Josi painted for Trout Unlimited's Trout Magazine, creating original artwork for their Native Species Section. Her art work is in lodges and homes around the world.


Josi's paintings and photographs have been on display in a variety of musuems including the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery and the International Museum of Photography at the George Eastman House.

Life Experience

Josi has traveled extensively and lived in Germany, Benin (Africa), Philippines, and the United States and brings a broad artistic and cultural background.